Associazione Culturale 42 Venezia-Tallinn

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What we do: we facilitate voluntary exchanges between individuals in Estonia and Venice, which result in the capture, preservation, and valorisation of the cultural heritage, in a way that facilitates personal growth for the participants. These objectives and activities will be supported by data capture technology, fully respecting European norms of data privacy and security, through a platform where participants record and analyse their experiences related to dialogue and learning. The data collected in such a way will be made available for wider research. We will promote the activities of the Association through a series of cultural events and workshops (Biennale, concerts, etc).

How we will fund it: Erasmus + for exchanges, Horizon 2020 for research, Juncker fund for investment (restauration etc.), private capital.

Cultural association 42 Venezia-Tallinn

The Associazione was created in July 2018. Its objective is to promote dialogue and cultural exchange between the two cities, primarily focusing on exchanges for young people and artists. The ambition is to realise projects for the anniversary of Venice, to explore solutions for sustainable tourism, and to establish and identify mechanisms of cultural dialogue relying on the IT technology and data.

The Associazione will seek to reconnect the brightest Venetian and Tallinner minds and experts in its areas of activity. This will involve policy experimentation and use of technology for scientific research, with the intention of facilitating the personal development of the participants.
The President of the Associazione, Ms. Natalie Lubenets is a native of Tallinn. The idea to create the Association came naturally. In 2017, Natalie came to Venice to study the concept of the sense of sacred and to create her book "Dialoog Wittgensteininga sellest, millest ei räägita", which was achieved in collaboration with the Venetian CHARTA.

Impressed by the openness, good humour and vast erudition of the Venetians, as well as by the richness and cultural and scientific diversity in the city, Natalie decided to apply her experience of working in the European Commission in Brussels to re-create bilateral cultural exchanges. In a statement of her motivation, methodology and ambition, she said:

"For me, "42 Venezia –Tallinn" is like a dot connecting innumerable areas and interests, from writing to quantum physics and cosmology. I see the 42 mission as a ‘Realisation’. At every step on the way we change the reality and we come closer to realising our different dreams... The question how is very important. I think we do it based on respect and trust, and this is precisely what is important and is the only selection criterion for us. "

"I feel so grateful that this place exists. I have noticed an incredible Venetian curiosity to learn about others. It is inspiring. This is why we seek to put the best of our knowledge and our competence to help Venice remain an irrepressibly vibrant, artistic and cultural city. Dialogue is at the heart of culture, and we believe that the dialogue between two rich traditions and two UNESCO World heritage sites offers innumerable opportunities."

"We will start with something really concrete that we can realise. We can take a concrete place and start from there. We want to know about this place. We want to understand why it is there, we want to explore it. And if at the end of that journey the place itself will receive second life, like the restored gondola, well, we will have other questions. About social tissues, networks, how it works. A brilliant mind once noticed that, if two people have the same idea, that idea is worth pursuing. In 42, we have a real synergy of ideas. Tallinn and Venice have tried to collaborate for 35 years. We will of course try to act organically, relying on the rich social traditions here in Venice and in Tallinn. Notably, we will collaborate with local Associations Biri Biri and, to jointly increase the impact helping each other."